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About us

The liberalization of the Hungarian energy market has been taking place continuously since 2003 in more steps. Today as a result of the opening of the market the state has significantly withdrawn from the regulation of energy source trade as regards the electricity and natural gas market.

With this step the state has forced the industry, trade and service operators, for-profit business associations almost entirely into a competitive situation. Thus the procurement, trade of natural resources becomes the task of economic organizations even if electricity and natural gas trade does not closely belong to the scope of activity of many such organizations, and this may not be their most significant expense, which may even lead to a potential lack of resources.

Earlier our company offered our partners efficient and quick help with their decisions and finding their way in the regulation system of the energy market.

According to the current Hungarian practice, the electricity and natural gas sale contracts are generally concluded for a period of 1 year. The main aim of our service was to help our partners find the most appropriate, mainly the cheapest and most reliable, electricity and natural gas procurement possibilities year by year.

We offered full-scale, complex support from energy demand assessment, calling for tenders and conducting the tendering process, to entering into contract with the energy traders.

In addition to this, on demand, we performed a continuous monitoring activity to ensure that the energy traders are at all times meeting all the terms and conditions of the contract, without injuring our clients’ interests. In order to achieve our jointly appointed aims, we have formed a platform which provides the possibility of electronic tenders, thereby guaranteeing the lowest prices.

With the help of our reliable, qualified and experienced colleagues we guaranteed to provide you the most advantageous contractual conditions with the appropriate legal background. In addition to this, our partners may also turned to us with any individual energy-related requests.

Due to the changed market environment, in 2013 the management decided to trigger the electricity trading license in order to not offer electrical power advice to partners, but to sell light at a low price.

The support of gas procurement remains, but only for old customers, we are not looking for new customers any longer.