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Big and medium-sized companies

In Hungary the circle of big and medium-sized consumers is determined by power companies, natural gas providers and energy traders in different ways.

It can be stated in general that according to the definition of power companies and energy traders big consumers are those whose yearly electricity consumption exceeds 5.000.000 kWh. This is generally independent of whether this quantity is the sum of the electricity consumption of one or more places of consumption.

According to the Hungarian practice companies whose yearly consumption lies between 500.000 kWh and 5.000.000 kWh count as medium-sized consumers.

In case of natural gas, the gas providers and energy traders generally regard customers with a consumption exceeding 1mio nm3 per year as big or medium-sized consumers. From another point of view the fixed capacity is set as standard, according to which clients with a consumption exceeding 100 m3/h fixed capacity belong to this category.

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